Mom Would Be So Shocked At How You’ve Broken Me Down. F**k You Dad.


I hate this. I hate you. After Mom died you raised me the way you thought was “right.” You broke me down until I was nothing. You emotionally abused me so badly that now I’m useless as an adult. I can’t make or keep proper friends, I have an addiction, and I’m terrified of men because you were always so harsh and judgmental. When I told you for the first time that I thought I was bisexual, you laughed and told me that I didn’t know what I wanted. But I’m still bisexual now. When I told you that I was depressed, you told me that no therapist or psychologist could help me, and that taking medication was for crazy people.

You have eaten away at every little bit of confidence I once had. You have wiped away every hope and dream that I had as a kid. Of making something of myself. And now that I finally drew the line at 19-years-old, you act outraged. And you still don’t own up to what you did to me. I hate you Dad. I wish you would have worn a condom. Because I would have rather never been born than to exist in this world of hurt, depression, and confusion with you. Mom would be so shocked if she were still here. F**k you…

image: Nathan Csonka Photography