Most Men Are Liars and Cheaters

I’ve been married twice and have no plans of marrying a third time.  Why?  Because most men are liars and cheaters. And for those women who deny this and look at my vent as only a scornful ex, I say look deeper into your relationships and see the subtle signs that you are avoiding and overlooking.  Some men try to make you think that you’re crazy or making something out of nothing.  For example, when you question the white collared shirt that has red lipstick on it when he comes home late from work.  Now, I do wear glasses, but I don’t need glasses to see red on white.  Or, children’s toys in the back seat of his car and he doesn’t have children.  Or, maybe he has developed an itch “down there” and needs to take medication for it.  Relationship free is where I plan to be.  I’ve found that being stress-free has leveled off my high blood pressure and allowed me to have peace of mind. Which is more important than having an uncommitted man hanging on.

image- denharsh