My Boyfriend Talks To His Female Friend The Way He Used To Talk To Me. Dammit.

So about a month ago, my boyfriend of 3 years came across an old friend of his on Facebook who also happens to be a girl.  She posted a sexy pic of herself dressed up for Halloween, and that’s what started it.  I don’t mind that he liked it, because it was a very nice picture, and I don’t mind that he requested her as a friend.  What does bother me is the private messages that followed.  I came across them a couple weeks ago. Nothing too major, but enough to make me sick to my stomach.

He tells her she is sexy, and that he can’t wait to talk to her beautiful ass later.  He made her a picture that included a nickname she had when they were in school.  Now they only message each other about once a week, and she instigated it the last time.  Turns out she just split up with her man and is moving back to her hometown.  The last message they had, he said he couldn’t wait to talk to her again, and she told him to call her anytime. 

She lives in another state, and he never travels, so I’m not worried that he would physically cheat on me.  I’m worried that he found an old flame from the past, and he is getting bored with me.  The way he talks to her is the way he used to talk to me.   He tells me he loves me all the time, and besides sleeping more because of his job, he really hasn’t changed much. Am I overreacting over a friendship, or is there something more?  I don’t know how to approach him with this without him getting defensive and starting a fight. Some advice would be great.

image- RyC – Behind The Lens