My Boyfriend’s Absolutely Amazing. But He Has A Dark Side. He’s Addicted To Smoking Crack.

I have an amazing boyfriend.  He is good to me in every way. To my kids too. I stay at home while he works, and he works long hours to provide for us. I’ve never been loved as much as he has loved me. His family is so united.  I on the other hand come from a very small family. His family adores me and sees how much I love and care for him. When it comes to being a good “husband,” he is it. Making sure I never am in need of anything. I take care of his money and he pays all the bills. He hates to see me struggle and worries about my well-being. He wants to get married and have a family. And I do too.

But there’s a dark side to him. He’s addicted to smoking crack. He isn’t aggressive and doesn’t have mood swings. He just misses out on family time. He locks himself up in the room for 2-3 days sometimes and smokes. And a few days later goes straight to work. Takes weeks before he gets to come back home. But when he does, he makes sure he has his hits. I don’t know what to say or do to help him quit. And I can’t walk away from him because I’m in love with him. And I know he loves me very much.

He hates talking about “it,” so he avoids the subject when he can. I get angry and feel like walking out on him because I feel helpless. But I know I wouldn’t be able to do that. I have placed my faith in God. That He will help him see how blessed he is to have what he has. I want him to realize we only mean good by him when I tell him “no more.”

image- marc falardeau