My Brother’s A Shi**y Little Brat And It’s ALL Your Fault. F**k You Jerk Face!


You’re a bully, and you’re turning my brother into a bully. You’re both rude and selfish. You never take anyone else into consideration. If you need to go somewhere, we all have to drop whatever is going on in our lives to make it happen. If you would plan ahead it wouldn’t be such a damn inconvenience. And the way you talk about the rest of us is rubbing off on my 11-year-old brother. He’s spoiled, rude, and entitled. Good luck fixing that before you send him out into the world to fend for himself. He’ll never succeed because he thinks everything should be handed to him, and it is completely your fault. Congratulations. You made your youngest child the least liked sibling out of the four of us. He’s a jerk, and no one wants to be around him, or you for that matter. F**k you.

image: Sky Movies