My Daughter’s A Social Worker & A Heroin Addict. To Protect My Grandkids, I Must Report My Child.

I’m a mother of 5.  I just found out that my middle child is a Heroin junkie, and her daughters (two) live in a pigsty.  I’m heartbroken, but I have to call the authorities, I have no choice.  My daughter is also a social worker!  Therein lies the rub.  Half of these people who work at her workplace as state welfare workers are on Heroin or something.  They are just hanging in under the wire.  It’s so frustrating I want to scream.  I have screamed, cried, and prayed.  Nothing is gonna fix this unless I get those girls taken away from my daughter.  Ages 13 and 16.  The oldest believes everything from her mom, hates me, or says, screams, it at me.  I feel very alone and I can’t quite gather my wits.  Worst thing ever to happen in my family.  All the deaths, everything before this, nothing is worse than this.

image- chefranden