My Ex And His Girlfriend Are Trying To Ruin My Reputation With Their Lies

My ex and his girlfriend have badmouthed me for four years to professionals in our same field.  Calling me a whore and saying that I sleep around and that I’m a psycho as well.  I have not said anything bad about him.  He even took me to court and tried to get custody of our son.  He left having back child support in the sum of $10,000, as well as having his child support tripled.  Now he is telling everyone, “That b+tch took me to court and is taking all my money.”

He is 38 and lives with mommy and daddy and makes $53,000 a year.  He is a cheating b+st+rd who thinks our son is a prize to show off, then dump on his parents, when he is done playing dad during his visitation.  I have kept my mouth shut, held my head high, and have not once said anything bad about him.  I so want to though.  He has the world fooled thinking he is a nice guy.  Nice guys pay their child support, don’t bad mouth people, don’t try and ruin you professionally, and would not allow their girlfriend to bad mouth their child’s mother in front of him.  I keep hearing karma will get him.  I would like to know when.

image – bluesbby