My Ex-Wife Took My Kids, My $$$, Ruined Me Financially, & Is Now Tarnishing My Reputation. B+tch.

I’ve been divorced since February, and have also been working out of town quite a bit.  Last night I was chatting with someone about why everyone is treating me so differently than before. It was revealed to me that I’m the f==king cheater and a goddamn creep. Well excuse me.  If I’m that person, then why be a two-faced m=th=rf+ck+r? Be a friend to me. I have enough problems without wondering why people who I have been friends with for so long are ruining the only thing I have left…my name. That easily influenced b+t+h took my kids, my money, and basically ruined me financially. Then she left to live a life that I’m paying for. I feel I’ll never get past the stigma that will follow me forever now, no matter what I say or do.

image- tourist_on_earth