My Fiancé Is Being Ridiculed For Attempting To Do The Right Thing In The Military.

I love this great country as much as the next person.  What I don’t love is the way our military personnel are treated.  My fiancé is currently stationed in another country.  His base doesn’t even have the proper tools for him to do his job (assigned to him).  Basically he sits in an empty shop all day twiddling his thumbs along with other people in his MOS.  But when he asks what he can do to help anyone else, he is mocked and made fun of.  His superiors don’t do anything to stop his abuse because “boys will be boys.”  Oh, I’m sorry.  I wasn’t aware that trying to be helpful and do something other than sit with his thumb up his a** was a problem.  Then people wonder why our veterans come back with deep-rooted psychological issues.

image- The U.S. Army