My Friend Refuses To Wear A Mask, Thinks She’s Seen God, And Believes In Horoscopes. I’m Almost Done W/ This Dumb @ss B-t-h.

I reconnected with an old high school friend after about 20 years right before the pandemic. I don’t like Facebook. It’s a cesspool. I still join in sometimes, but for the most part, I open and close it in disgust. My old friend wants to talk all the time. Her best friend recently died, and now she is reaching out to me.  Though we were once close, we are really different people now. We’re so different that it’s hard to be around her.

My friend died twice after an accident when she was younger and she ‘saw God.’ I was religious, but I am not anymore. I’m not mad at anyone, God especially. How can I be mad at something I don’t think exists? I’m not just some pissed off atheist running around telling everyone that God isn’t real. I’m extremely respectful of other people’s beliefs. You will never catch me telling a religious person that they are wrong. Never, ever, ever, would I do that. But they deem it necessary to try and save me and tell me that I’m wrong all the time. I never came out and said I’m an atheist, but I told her that I’m a skeptic of everything. She proceeded to tell me that she knows she’s right about there being a God because she’s seen God. I know what oxygen deprivation does to the human brain. The God she saw was just that; oxygen deprivation.  I do get how crazy it must be to come out of something like that.

She’s just smart enough to be smarter than most people, but not smart enough to doubt her own intelligence. She takes every thought that comes through her own head as correct and will not challenge her own ideas no matter what. She believes in astrology, which I think is about the dumbest f–king thing on earth. I will tell people that because it is an obvious lie. I love reading horoscopes to people. I read the wrong one and it always fits. Always. You lost someone you really care about – You have a big secret that you will never tell anyone – You are a motivated person that can sometimes be lazy – You make friends easily – You are helpful – You are friendly. It’s all super vague and meant to blanket multiple types of people with similarities. I asked her, “Didn’t they disprove all that crap when the stars moved and everyone’s birth sign changed?” She responded that that was a hoax to make it look fake. A hoax. To make it look fake. And who did that research? Who figured out it was a hoax? Let me guess. Someone who will stand to lose millions of dollars if horoscopes become a thing of the past. I’m a smart person, but being smart often comes along with being wrong and never fully trusting in my own intelligence.

Let’s say that I was the one interested in horoscopes and someone told me that horoscopes were fake. The first thing I would do is look up if horoscopes are fake or not. That is where the hoax b-llsh-t would come up. This is where her searching stopped. “It’s a hoax! I was right!” I would then search the science behind it and find credible papers written by scientists, with sources cited, published in peer reviewed publications. Is it real? Prove it! Can’t be proven? Then it isn’t real. It’s the same with religion. She constantly posts about being enlightened and how it separates her from the unenlightened. First of all, saying you’re enlightened by anything makes you look like an insufferable d–khead. Secondly girl, you aren’t enlightened by s–t. Read. Doubt. Fact check. Research. Question. And never f–king stop because the b-llsh-t train is always coming.

Once, I had a friend ring my doorbell and ask me to sign a petition to keep the sheriff of our county from losing his job. I asked her for the reason behind why he was about to lose his job. She responded, “Oh, it’s all political.” I said, “Okay, but there has to be an incident they are feeding this off of. It’s not just that he’s a Republican and Democrats want him out.”  She says, “Oh, it’s nothing. Just crap trying to make him look bad.” I told her, “No thanks, I won’t be signing the petition right now. I’ll find out what happened myself and let you know my decision later.” One Internet search revealed that this idiot left his service pistol in a McDonald’s bathroom on the f–king sink. THE SHERIFF. No, I am not signing your crap. He could have killed a kid. He should know where his gun is at all times. I bring this up because I feel like this girl would have just signed it and jumped on the bandwagon to have him rehired.

She also believes that she shouldn’t have to wear a mask. Her ex-boyfriend used to wipe a–es at the hospital so she knows a lot of medical professionals. I’m sure in his job as a CNA he made lots of friends with doctors, LOL. So she has a bunch of a-s wipers (CNAs) telling her it’s no big deal. We have no cases in the hospital in our area. Of course we aren’t overwhelmed. But she refuses to listen to reason. It’s this idea that you can’t be wrong and what you know is right no matter what that makes me want to stay away from others. I try to learn new things from people every day. People are usually surprised when they tell me how they do something and I get interested and ask lots of questions. Maybe the way I’ve been doing it for years is wrong.

Never forget that you have the ability to be wrong. Never forget that there is always more than one side to each story. Always look for that other side. I am not political. Both Republicans and Dems are acting ridiculous. Mostly, I side with Dems, but on some things I don’t. Regarding Trump saying to inject disinfectant: I went and watched the briefing, and he said it. But then I turn on Stephen Colbert, who I love, and he said that Trump said to drink bleach. That is wrong, and it’s making Stephen look bad even if it is a joke. There’s no doubt he said it, but don’t blow it up and make yourself look stupid in the process.

image: Zachary McGee