My Friend Thinks A Celeb Is In Love With Them, But The Celeb Doesn’t Know My Friend Exists

I don’t know how to tell my friend, “You are crazy.”  Not like, “Oh, you are crazy fun,” or a little off-kilter.  I mean bat sh+t schizophrenic with a personality disorder.  If I disagree with said delusion then I would burn a bridge for good with someone who knows way too much about me.  As a friend this person is loving and fun.  In most ways I see a normal person….if it weren’t for the fact they are insistent that a celebrity is in love with them.  Literally, my friend thinks they meet on an astral plane.

My friend has befriended the celeb’s estranged family members in order to be closer to them.  90% of my friend’s posts are about this celeb.  Pics of the celeb and the celeb’s kid are on my friend’s walls framed like they are family.  Not posters or merch, but pictures, printed and framed.  I am very concerned when my friend refers to the celeb like a person they see or talk to every day. My friend talks about intimacy and just other bizarre ways in which they relate.

I have known my friend a very long time, and this is not the first celeb to occupy my friend’s fascination to an extreme degree.  The first time made sense.  As a kid, it seemed like harmless idolatry till my friend tried to knock on that celeb’s door who wasn’t home.  Imagine that.  Now the new one….I’m sick of seeing and hearing about as if this were a significant other.

I know my friend takes meds and I know they are not the most stable human being, but I don’t want to abandon them.  Nor do I want to feed the delusion.  Nor do I want to say, “Honey…tell a shrink…but f++k me…I can’t deal with it…I think it’s sick.”  I wish I could say, “You need help.” But there is no way to do that without lighting a fire and burning a bridge.  I am not the sanest person in the world, but even I know better than to insult the invisible.  I feel helpless and drained when my friend mentions the celeb.  Whom I don’t really think is interesting in the least.

image- Foreign and Commonwealth Office