My Gold Digging Stepmother Put My Pets Up For Adoption W/O Consulting Me. Wench.

I wish that she would go away. My stepmother and my father have been together for 7 years and married for 3. She was sweet at first, then she became entitled. She spends money like a California diva, and never spends her own money. Always my father’s. Anything she wants, she gets. That’s how it goes. She put my two childhood pets up for adoption without talking to my brother or I. She does not like it when we have friends over to our house.

Excuse me honey, but my father has provided you a home, job, car, and many other countless luxuries. And yet you parade yourself around like you rule the world and are the reason my father is successful. I’m sorry honey, but you’re nothing special. To be frank, everyone knows you’re not in love with my dad. Everyone knows you are just after the money, you gold-digging wench. And yet you criticize me for not appreciating my father.

Unlike you, I do appreciate him. The least you could do is love him in return.

image- PunkToad