My Hubby Left Me, And When He Finally Came Home, He Found A Man In My Bed.

I feel so horrible. I suffer terribly with Fibromyalgia, and I have had the blues more than ever. My husband left me in August, and I have only seen him a few times in the last few months.  Never once did he express ever coming home. He never gave me hugs or kisses or paid visits to us. The only person he would talk to is my youngest daughter who is 14. I met a very gorgeous man, and yeah, I made a big mistake and slept with him. My husband came home and saw him sleeping in my bed.

Now all he can talk about is how I cheated on him. Part of me feels like I did. But the other part of me doesn’t because he had been gone so long. He told my daughter he planned on coming home but she never told me. Now he’s still not home. But I’m going to see him tomorrow at my home on Thanksgiving for the first time in a while. I’m scared about how it’s going to go. Because I am NOT in love with this other man. I do love my husband, but he has such anger issues.  I just want the old him back.

image- keirstenmarie