My Husband Cheated On Me With a Man, Now I’m Seeing A Married Man

I secretly feel like I’m living a double life and doing what I caught my husband doing.  I am in the process of getting a divorce.  I was married for five years and we were together for ten.  I caught my husband with another guy two and half years ago.  I stayed around for the kids.  A couple of months ago I found someone, but they are married.  He keeps telling me that he’s leaving her for me.  I feel guilty for being in this relationship, but at the same time, I really wonder if he is stringing me along here.  He’s a great guy, really sweet, and caring.  But deep down I don’t think he is ready to move on.  He is much older with kids, and I’m much younger and I have two kids.  Am I being selfish for wanting him to want me?

image- Lila Quander