My Husband’s Mistress Bore His Child

I’ve been married for 23 years to a man that I love very much.  A year and a half ago he had an affair, and when I found out about it, he ended it.  Well, we just recently found out that she had a baby and I truly believe that it is my husband’s child.  I left my husband when I found out, but of course he begged, pleaded, and professed his love for me, and of course I went back.  Now ever since my husband called off the affair, this girl has done nothing but harass me as if I stole her boyfriend away from her.  She sends me text messages and posts crap all over Facebook like she is the victim here.  I’m sorry, but she knew darn well when she did this that he was married.  So you reap what you sow.  Unfortunately for the baby, my husband is choosing to just pay child support and not be apart of the baby’s life because of the crazy crap the mother is saying and doing.  The problem is that she is driving me insane.  She said she would make our lives hell, and that is exactly what she is doing.  I really do not know how much more I can take.

image- Nanagyei