My Kids Should Have Grandparents Sober Enough To Remember They Have Grandkids

So I want the Norman Rockwell family. I want my kids to have grandparents that actually come to birthdays, or who are even sober enough to remember that they have grandkids. I want everyone in the whole family (both sides) to treat my kids equally even though they don’t have the same dad. Both kids love the one man who is a constant and bio dad to one, but not the other (he sees them both as his best accomplishments in life).

But I do realize that I’m not gonna change anyone’s mind about what and how they do things when it comes to becoming a “normal,” loving, and functional family. But I know for a FACT that I’m gonna change things. I’m gonna be the doting aunt. My love and I will be the grandparents who take their grandkids and have cookies in the car waiting. I will become what I believe my kids should have had as grandparents to their kids, and to my future nieces and nephews. I will be the one who brings back Sunday dinners with the family.

I’m not naïve. There will be spats and disagreements, but again, I WILL BE THE CHANGE. I WILL BE THE MATRIARCH OF MY YOUNG AND GROWING FAMILY. But when can I start? Where do I begin? How do I keep from messing up a pure and unconditional love for the ones who should never know anything different?

-Norman Rockwell Wannabe♥

image- Mike Licht,