My Mean & Bitter Looking Father-In-Law Thinks I’m A Gold Digger


I am at my wits end as to what to do with my father-in-law. My husband, his son, was married before to a woman who took advantage of him and his family, and abused him. His next relationship after he divorced her, the girl did the same thing minus the abuse. Now we are happily married for over a year, and my father-in-law still thinks we will divorce after I am finished taking advantage of him. He is even going as far as trying to convince my husband not to buy a house with me since it will be ‘half mine too.’ My husband and I are made to last. I would never take advantage of him after it took so long to gain his trust.  I wouldn’t screw him over like his last two serious relationships. I don’t know what I have to do to prove myself to his father that I am the real deal. He scares the hell out of me. He is just so mean and bitter looking. I don’t know what to do…

image- MariyaZ