My MIL Is A F++king Hypocritical Narcissistic Contradictive B+tch

My mother-in-law is a f++king hypocritical narcissistic contradictive b+tch! She plays favorites amongst her grandkids, treats my kids like crap, while praising the others.  Treats my wife, her daughter, like sh+t as well.  I just can’t stand her anymore.  Loathes the hell out of me.  Calls me a piece of sh+t, and compares me to my wife’s dumbass baby daddy.  She acts so f++king childish too.  Picks fights for no reason.  Never sees that she is in the wrong in a lot of situations.  She is oblivious to see just how childish she really is.  She is 63 years old and acts like she is 6.  My point is, my mother-in-law is a f++king b+tch and needs to be put in check quick!

image- toehk