My Mom Died Alone Due To You & You Stole All My Money. Die B*t*h.


We were together for seven years. I gave until I had nothing left. You abused me in every way possible. Your alcoholism broke us emotionally and financially. My terminally ill mother had to pay our bills. She begged me to leave you. It’s been four years this week since you tried to strangle me and since you stole all of my money. It’s been four years this week since your actions caused my mother to die alone.

I hate you! I have tried to forgive you for all of this, but the truth is that I hope you die a horrific death involving immense pain. I also hope that your “soul mate” that you cheated on me with dies a painful and heinous death. I also hope that your mother and sister suffer. You are all the worst people on earth. Your grandparents should have had an abortion. So, f**k you!

image: Greg Parish