My Motherf*&king (Literally LOL) Ex Husband Has An Oedipus Complex. Ewww.

My ex-husband has an Oedipus complex. He is LITERALLY in love with his mother. For almost seven years I was pushed aside, emotionally neglected, and used by both him and his mother as though they were the married ones.

He made me dress in his mother’s hand-me-downs and style my hair like hers. He would drop absolutely everything to do whatever she needed, while I was left working full-time, driving him to and from work (as he had no license), cleaning the house, paying the bills, maintaining the car, taking care of both cats, the dog, and the turtle. All he did was sit on his lazy ass and play video games until his mommy needed him. He stayed with her late into the evenings after he got off work, leaving me at home to do everything.

His mother (who calls herself a minister) regularly criticized everything I did, and regularly informed me of my sins and how God would punish me, completely overlooking her own drug addiction and strange attraction to her son. She ruled our lives, even picking out a dog for us, and the home we came to rent. She even tried to get me to put in a perm to look more like her.

One afternoon my ex came home and informed me that his mommy told him that our marriage was over and that he was no longer in love with me. At which point I accused him of f&^king his mother. I moved out six days later and cried continually for 3 days. Those were the only three days I cried for him. Today, eight months later, I am the happiest I have been in seven years. I hope that mother^+ker (literally, haha!) enjoys the rest of his life with his dear mommy.

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