My Sister’s Autistic, And I Hope Her Retarded Ass Dies!

I have a little sister with autism, and she is annoying as f**k.  I can’t wait until the day she turns 18 so that I can make her leave the house.  We moved from one house to another just two months ago.  The hardwood floors in our new house smell like shit because she drags her unclean ass across the floor like a f**king dog.  She also throws Jello at the walls, and there are stains from that! She also touches my face most of the time! And then she runs off like the retard that she is!  I’ve had to come to my mom many times. I’ve tried to tell her to yell at that retard to, “Shut the f**k up,” because I can’t F**KING SLEEP!

You know what’s the worst? My mom really likes her more! She prefers that annoying, useless, smelly, stinky f**king retarded son of a b*tch, who is a waste of money, over me! That retard wastes so much money that it’s unbelievable! She’s broken my iPhone 5s, my PS3 (that I also use as a Blu-ray player), my iPod, one of my dad’s computers, my iPad, etc. I’m so gonna f**king kill her now! I’ve hit, scratched, shoved, punched, kicked, and slapped her many times because she doesn’t LEAVE ME THE F**K ALONE!!!

Besides my clueless mom, the rest of my family (especially my dad) wants nothing to do with her, and I don’t blame them. In fact, I wish she wasn’t born. Because without that little piece of sh*t in our lives, we would’ve had more money, better things, maybe even a nice summerhouse with a pool in the backyard.  I wish we didn’t have a house that is embarrassing, with stains all over it, with that little retard that we have running around. I’m too embarrassed to even invite my friends over because of that retard!

Oh, and to top it all off, she’s even attacked our family dog! I hope her little f**king retard school gets blown up and that she dies! Ugh, I hate her so much. I’m sick of this sh*t! I can’t wait until the day she turns 18 so that she can get out of our lives. The day she’s gone will mean a better life for all of us. She’d finally be out of our f**king hair!

image- alainelorza