Newsflash B&tch: You’re A Loon, A Shitty Manager, And Your Employees Hate You.

Dear Manager,

I know that like me you came from a company with ridiculously high standards. But your behavior is becoming UNACCEPTABLE. I don’t know where you got that chip on your shoulder from, but it’s time to act like an adult and stop playing games. You’re overbearing. Your constant thinking that everybody is “getting smart” with you is driving people to quit! We lost three people this week; during the busiest motherfucking season of the retail year. That is a devastating loss to our department.

I’ve been doing double shifts when I should be studying for finals for crying out loud! William and I have been helping all the new hires ring, measure for suits, and fold. Your management style is atrocious. You talk down to us like we are five-year-olds, and raise your voice and threaten to fire us if we so much as say one word to disagree with you, or say anything that you don’t want to hear.

Newsflash Bitch: All your employees hate you. I’m one of those rare employees that doesn’t need “babysitting” or your ridiculous “task book” to know what my responsibilities are. Yet even after working with me almost every day for over six months, that still hasn’t registered on your radar. One day enough people will complain about you, and you’ll find yourself out of a job, unless you change your attitude and start treating your employees like human beings instead of slaves.

image- Hello Turkey Toe