Quit The Drugs, Be Productive, Be A Husband, Be A Father!

You were amazing when we first met. You made sure I was happy, and I took care of you in every way possible. That was thirteen years ago. What I didn’t know at first was that you’re an addict. When I found out that you were an addict, I helped you to get “clean.” I say it this way because you just replaced one drug with another.

We have two kids that I provide for because you can’t get your ass off my couch. You treat me like a roommate while you talk to your ex from high school on Facebook about how great you’re doing. Acting like you provide for us. When have you ever given us anything without myself or the kids begging you for it? Oh, that’s right, you haven’t!!! Maybe if we were your pillhead friends we might mean something to you!

I am so sick of being your caregiver, your maid, and your roommate! I want to be your wife again, I want to be your lover again, and the kids want their dad back!!! You got clean before, get clean again. Get clean before I ask for a divorce, you go to jail, or we find you dead (God forbid)! We love you, and we just want YOU back. We don’t want this shell of a man that we once knew.

image- Pixel Addict