Shut Up Liar

Do the world a favor and shut that lie factory you call a mouth.

All of the times that I have vented at you with things that irritate me, now I find myself venting about you.  You will go down in the history of my life as being a major disappointment.  The lesson learned on what not to do when placing your heart in someone else’s hands.  The blind trust given and never reciprocated.  Always being lied to about stupid things in life, yet you thought I wouldn’t notice.  I noticed the whole time, but love is blind.  Now that the love has subsided I see what’s really there.  A person who learned to manipulate at a young age and has done so continually into adulthood.  Saying to me time and time again how I should prove myself to you, yet when faced with the same, you couldn’t do it.  You are a f******g coward and a liar.  The worst type of person in my book.  For that type of person only has one person on their minds at all times, themselves.  You claimed to love me, but when love should have been there to pick up the slack, you gave me venom. 

I was your biggest supporter, now I hope that those around you see you for who you really are for their sake.  I am sure that you will go through great lengths in your life to cover up all the lies you have told.  Lie upon lie, compounded by more lies.  Do you even know who you are?  All of the things you do in your life prove with resounding symbolism that you are not happy.  It doesn’t take Freud to figure that out.  Those around you love someone that doesn’t exist.  They love the character you created just as I did, yet, not the same character.  Despite what you think, I am still very much who I was, and I will continue to be me.  I don’t know how to be anyone else.  You on the other hand have no problem taking stories from everyone else’s lives and making them your own.  Your downfall in my eyes started when you tried to regurgitate my own childhood story back to me as your own.  I knew then that you weren’t the person you proclaimed to be all those years.

What’s hilarious is that for a person who lauds having their s**t together, you so clearly do not.  You are a 30-year-old unemployed pothead, who is in a relationship with a man out of convenience, who by the way, can’t get you off (your words not mine).  I wanted to laugh when you tried to convince me how you love him.  That’s so rich.  So long as he gives you things you want, he’s worth having.  But, I’m pretty sure you figured this out back when you were living with him and his wife.  All the lies.  I just shake my head.  Just go ahead and sleep in that bed you made with the man you chose.  You deserve it all.

image- Imaginary Museum Projects: News Tableaus