Sister: You’re Disrespectful & Disgusting. Please Skip X-Mas Dinner You Vile B+tch.

I’m so sick and freaking tired of walking on eggshells around your stupid ass. So are our other siblings that you have pissed off, hurt, or sh+t on.  Growing up you were always a little b+tch, but you were cute and had a good heart. I cannot say that heart even exists anymore.

You cut your one brother out of your life because you didn’t like to hear what he had to say about your husband, who at the time had no job or prospects of money coming in, and was sponging off our mother and you. Mom lost the house we grew up in because of you. Now you have cut me out of your life because you’re sick of hearing about my cancer. You know what? F_+K YOU!!!  I was the one with cancer, and it’s my journey to take. I’ve only been in remission for a year and a half, and if I want to vent about sh+t on Facebook about my cancer, I’m going to!! I know it kills you to see all my friends and family write words of encouragement to me on Facebook. It’s not my fault you have fucked over all your friends, and you basically have no real friends!! 

I hate that you have stolen from our mom, myself, my husband, all of your siblings, and even your three children. Thank God for our mother’s influence, and for their aunt’s and uncle’s influence, because they have grown up to be great kids in spite of the fact that you’re a freaking selfish self-serving b+tch.

You’ve lost countless jobs because of your criminal mind and your stealing!!  But now even though you make more $$, there are still never groceries in your fridge to feed your kids, and you have them call us to buy them food, or school supplies, or clothes, or to ask for money for their needs at school!! There is never any food because you’re too busy getting your hair done, getting your nails and toes done, and buying yourself clothes and shoes. Don’t get me started on all the money you spend on piece of sh+t loser black dudes that you’ve dated, and continue to pick up on the street.  You’ve changed the wonderful, strong, loving, caring mother of ours, into this scared, panic attack having, meek person. She’s barely recognizable!!  It’s partly her own fault because she enables your ass, but you know how much she loves all of us, especially your dumb ass, and you’ve taken advantage of that for years!!!!

Yes your husband died, and all of us hurt for you when that happened seven years ago. But you didn’t even wait for his body to get cold before you moved some other freeloading asshole into our mom’s house. We don’t feel sorry for you anymore.  You’re such a crap example of a woman and mother for your two teenage daughters!!  What kind of mother is out giving blowjobs to random dudes? Yes your daughters know all about that sh+t!!

The biggest thing that pisses me off is that you have cut your own niece, who is also your goddaughter, out of your life as well. WTF did she ever do to you??  She always remembered you on every holiday, every birthday, and despite all the times you made fun of her for being a straight A student, or for going to a Catholic School, or for just being a nice girl, she still loved your ass. But you didn’t even bother to call her on her 10th birthday. Not even a freaking card!!!

I hate that I don’t want to go to see mom because you live with her and I’d have to see you.  I would feel bad about our falling out if there was just one redeemable quality about you, but there isn’t.  You are a cold, manipulative, Godless, piece of sh+t, and all the bad that comes to you is more than well deserved!! You can’t live a life the way you have and not have karma f_+k you up!!!  Once mom is gone, you will be one very lonely b+tch; because I guarantee you that none of your siblings will have anything to do with you. We will ALWAYS be there for our nieces and nephew no matter what, but you will never have it from us.  A couple of us have a bet going on to see whether or not you’ll show your face at Christmas, since it’s not at mom’s this year. I’m hoping you’ll keep your nasty ass at home, and celebrate Christmas with your new loser boyfriend.  It’s sad that this is how things are, but you are the one who has brought everyone to this point!!  I can only pray for you at this point, because I know you’re destined for a spot in HELL!!!

image- Sjoerd Lammers street photography