Son: I Am Not The Reason Your POS Father Is Dying Of Kidney Failure. SMMFH.


Last week my ex husband told my 19 and 12 year old kids that he was dying of kidney failure and can’t afford medical treatment because of the $200 a month child support he has to pay. Then I find out today that my ex gave my 12-year-old money for her report card, and told her not to tell me because I will take it and go to the bar and drink it away. I don’t even f*&king drink. Now my 19-year-old hates me because he thinks I am killing his precious daddy who is a worthless piece of sh+t. The ex and his girlfriend make more money than I do a month, and they think I should stop child support so they can get on their feet. But yet I am expected to take care of kids with little to no money so he can get on his feet.

image- AngryJulieMonday