Step Up And Be A Parent. Our Daughter Needs You. Cook For Her, Clean Your Home, Act Like You Care!

I like how you think you’re doing better than me, when you can’t even take proper care of our daughter, let alone yourself. All you do is get her fast food.  You don’t even make her a home-cooked meal. Your house is a mess, and your excuse is you go to bed right after work cause you’re tired. Well get the f*** over it and be a parent! You like having the title and the idea of being a dad, but that’s it.

She needs you, but you don’t see it. You never ask how she’s doing, or if she needs anything, not that she would, cause we are the ones that get her what she needs all the time. This may get ugly, but you only have her two maybe three times out of the week, and I think for her sake, she should just stay with us. We’re more stable, and we take her to school, and make sure we pick her up. You’re just a part-time “dad.”

image: torbakhopper