Stop Begging And Crying to Get Me Back And Move The F**k On. You Lying POS!


You tried to be someone I wanted. You were a complete lie. We didn’t have anything in common because you lied about everything to try to impress me. I can’t stand fakes. You wanted to act like a dad to my child when you’re a deadbeat dad to your own kid. You’re pathetic and a total waste of my time. So stop begging and crying to get me back and move the f**k on. You’re a fake, and you’re the biggest @sshole I have ever come across. You think your s**t don’t stink, yet you wonder why you have no friends and why you can never keep a relationship. Go back to your ex. She is a weak person. I’m a strong independent woman who does not need another grown @ss man to take care of.

image: Parker Knight