Stop FB Stalking Me You Loon! I Didn’t Boink Your Hubby! You Need Meds!

Please stop stalking me on Facebook. Your husband didn’t cheat on you with me. You aren’t going to find any of his secrets on my Facebook to use against him to get money you don’t deserve. Stop using your son as a weapon. You are a sad pathetic excuse for a woman. I don’t even hate you, I feel bad for you, and I feel bad for your son. You’re so obsessed with me and what you think you know. I am concerned for your mental well-being. He left you because you were abusive and using him, not because of me. I know it’s easier than blaming yourself, but come back to reality! Leave me alone, stop threatening me, stop having other people threaten me, and get help!!!

image- SodanieChea