Stop Letting Your Brother-In-Laws Sexually Harass Me You Moron!

Just once I wish you would take my side or stand up for me. I came to you about your brother-in-laws hitting on me. One wanted naked pics, and the other told me he’d fire me if I didn’t start f**king him. I told you this because it’s your family. And what do you do? You accused me of starting it all. Your exact words were, “It takes two to tango, so I know you had something to do with it.” Are you serious with yourself? I’m telling you that your sister’s husbands are coming on to me, and you blame me??? How stupid are you? Stop leaving me alone with them because it hasn’t stopped. And I’m at the point where I’m so uncomfortable going to their houses. I don’t think you get how angry I am with you.

image- marcmilligan