Take Your 60YO Broke @ss Back To Your Mother’s House. GTFO! GTFO!

Merry Christmas to me. NOT! So it’s Christmas Day and you’re working, and I’m sitting here waiting to go to your mother’s house!  I told you on Thanksgiving (Which we hosted, but I cooked and paid for, so your @sshole family could come over to our house and have your sister and her husband eat dinner in the living room and watch the football game!  Rude.) that I didn’t want to go there for Christmas, but here I wait anyway.

It was so nice of you to buy the gifts I received on Christmas Eve. Oh wait, there were no gifts from you because you supposedly have no money.  We have been together for almost fifteen years. Fifteen extremely long years.  I am 45, and I have to stop complaining about this crap relationship and do something about it! Oh, you bet your @ss I’m going to do something about it. I hope your mother wants her almost 60-year-old son back at home because that’s where you’re going in the new year. 

I would rather be alone than be in this relationship.  My mom always said, “If you can give yourself prime rib, why be with a man that can only afford sirloin?” Yeah, I’m done. Merry Christmas to me!

image- s_herman