The LDS Church Is An Unhealthy Religion

The LDS church is an unhealthy religion.  They force their children to proclaim things they can’t possibly know.  They make the primary kids profess things like “I KNOW this church is true,” and “I KNOW that Joseph Smith is a prophet.”  4 and 5-year-olds don’t KNOW any such things.  And what about the visiting teachers and home teachers?  It’s a ploy to have faithful members always watching other members to keep them in line.

The missionaries are kids forced to go out for two years (or more) and waste theirs and everybody else’s time with their “lessons.”  The rules those poor kids have to follow are unreal!!!! NEVER leave your “companion.”  They aren’t allowed to wear any other clothing except mission approved white shirts and black pants except on their one day off a week.  They can’t hold children or hug (the opposite sex), even a 90-year-old grandmother.  They can’t watch TV or listen to music.  They can’t interact with the opposite sex.  Their time is monitored 100% -and on top of all that- THEIR FAMILIES HAVE TO FUND THE WHOLE MISSION, including rent, food, travel, etc.  It’s unbelievable that ANYBODY participates in it!

The most amazing part of it all is that Joseph Smith, along with many other “prophets,” have been proven again and again to be child molesting, polygamist, liars, and thieves!  Why do people put their blinders on and believe that crap?  I won’t even mention the ridiculous temple ceremonies or the magic underwear…

image: boysoccer3