These Petty B*tch*s At My Job Have Me ALL The Way F**ked Up. Hopefully I Hit The Lottery Soon!


I can’t stand the petty b**ches at my job who say they want to be transparent in all situations, but lie, manipulate, and sugar coat b*llsh*t everyday. There is one chick that drives her whole team insane with explanation of request and verification of vacation days. Like we don’t work in a full capably staffed office. Yet she doesn’t come to work, and she skips meetings all day. Like, where the hell are you at?!

There is another chick who is passive aggressive and backstabbing. She runs to her boss with everything, but can’t say it to your face. This way she can look like the peacemaker and the voice of reason in all situations while she stirs the pot behind the scenes. There’s another person who has made our company miss deadlines because certain tasks were not on her priority list. She appears to have given up on life, and I’m wondering why after several rounds of layoffs, her ass has not been let go.

Literally, they make you want to scream in their face, “F**k you,” because you know they’re lying, deceitful, and lazy. But you keep it built in and play “nice nasty” every damn day, and try to make formal agendas as to not go the hell off on any one person for fear of stepping all the way out of line. But every once in awhile, they see the true you show up and they are taken aback. Then you remember, “Let’s stick to each bullet point.” Because when you ask if there is a problem, or you try to address the issues, they always say that there aren’t any. I hate people sometimes. Why can’t I just hit it big on a scratch off?!

image: meddygarnet