We Can’t Take Your Body Odor

To Our Building Maintenance Supervisor,

How do you tell a person that they STINK, STINK, STINK and have extreme BODY ODOR?  That’s YOU!  You were just assigned to our building, but wherever you are, the musty foul odor lingers. BAD, BAD underarm odor….and you can’t smell it?  Awful!  It’s so bad you almost want to puke!  People know when you have been in a room and left.  Your body odor remains in the room and people have to open up the windows.  Now isn’t that horrible?  Now you know that’s bad.  I have a few suggestions for YOU:

1. Wash with quality body soap every morning.

2. Cut the hairs from under your arms.

3. Wash.

4. Cut the hairs off of your body.

5. Wash.

6. Use a quality antiperspirant and deodorant.

7. Wash.

8. Bring soap, a washcloth, and deodorant to work.

9. Bring a change of shirt to work each day.

10. Wash under your arms during the afternoon when you change your shirt.

11. Wear a small amount of cologne. Not too much. Not too strong.

12. Bathe at night with quality body soap.

13. Scrub your shirts under the arms with detergent before putting them in the washer.

14. And again, WASH.

15. Oh, until I slip a note in your work mailbox, don’t get too close to anybody. It’s hard to talk and breathe unpleasant smells at the same time.  Sorry…

16. If the above doesn’t work….I’ll buy a can of Lysol for you. We can’t take it!

image: Mike Mozart