We Would NEVER Be ANYTHING….If I Could Go Back In Time

I wish I could go back in time. Back to June 2007. And then when we saw your stupid face walk in that bookstore, I would have told you to get the hell out and to stay away from me.  And that would have been that!  No dealing with you ruining my life!  Bye!  You’re nothing but a liar!

I mean, come on now, it’s not like you never admitted that to me. You told me that you just can’t stop yourself from lying, and that you don’t even know why you lie!  It’s not like you never told me about all the psychopathic things you did growing up in your little la la picture perfect land! 

I would LOVE to expose you for the narcissistic monster that you really are! I would LOVE to see you lose EVERYTHING after all that I have put up with.  After trying again and again to be nice and to do what’s right…you know what? I don’t care anymore. No more being nice! No more trying to make things work for the betterment of our children. I deserve better.  I’m done.  Go ahead and live in your fairytale world where everyone just thinks you’re the GREATEST. I will find a way to destroy all the lies that you have built your foundation on.

image- Christopher.Michel