We’ll Be Together In The End? When? When My Husband Or Your Wife Dies?

I have thought about you every day, almost all day, since we kissed that day. You said you believed we would be together in the end. What end? When your wife dies? When my husband dies? No. That’s an awful big if, and we love them too much. I wouldn’t wish the kind of pain that would bring upon anyone in order for that to be. No matter how long I have loved you. No matter how much I can’t get you off my mind. No matter what, I just don’t see us being together in the end.

You should have slept with me when I offered, because tomorrow never knows for any of us. If you love me like you said you do, I hope you long for me inside for the rest of your life. There is no time for bad timing, and we are star crossed. Truly, my heart will always burn for you, but I would never hope for a painful journey to a peaceful end.  We blew our perfect chance out of fear, and I regret it. But my God, I still forever and always love your soul like it was my own. I swear it’s true. Our heart’s obligations are promised to others, and we lost time and blew that chance. I hope we suffer that together alone. I wish our others no pain, but I hope, no I know, you hurt for it too. I wish we had that day back to do over. We just blew it.

image- Shawn Campbell