We’ve Become Waiters. Yes, We’re Waiting On Your Old Ass Parents To Die.

No sex, no intimacy, no time, no friends, and no money.  This is where we sit while your parents dictate our every waking moment.  Your father is pissed about dying. He’s 86. I’m sorry he just found out he’s old, but he IS going to die within the next 20 years. Tell him to get the f//k over it.  He’s had one health problem for the last three months, when most people his age are lucky to be able to stand up.  Sick to death of waiting on your rich asshat parents, while our lives become insignificant.  I would give anything to be able to take a week off with you and reconnect, but your parents need to shop at 10AM on Tuesday, and must have their nap by 11 so they can walk 100 feet before they “prepare” their nasty lunch, which is either salmonella chicken or something I cooked weeks ago.  SICK to death of taking this st, while your brother takes all their money and uses their credit cards to buy more airline tickets so he can tour with his lame-ass old musician friends.  Maybe at 53, he could get a f//king job, or his f//king wife could get a job or ANYTHING!!!!

image- Abdulsalam Haykal