When Did Cops AND Their Significant Others Become So Hated?!? Ahh, F**k Off!


The love of my life is in law enforcement. I admire him so much. Each day he goes to work, I kiss him and I tell him, “I love you, be safe, and come home.” I mean every word. I also know that it’s not either of our choices. His job makes him hated just because of what he does for a living. Because of this someone could try to hurt or kill him. He goes anyway.

He deals with all the bureaucratic b*llsh*t and mandatory overtime. When he’s a hard @ss, you consider him mean or inhumane. When he goes too easy, he could put someone in danger or get in trouble with his superiors. It is entirely thankless. He does it anyway because he knows it’s the right thing to do.

I’m sick of people getting quiet or grimacing when I tell them what he does for a living. I’m damn proud of how hard he works to provide for us, and how hard he works to make this world a better place. He is a wonderful man. They say I’m wrong because I cook, clean, make his lunch, and let him relax.

I am not doing that because I feel like I have to. I’m doing that because with a job like that, you do need to relax. It doesn’t matter how bad his day is, he still treats me like a queen. So I honor his effort by spoiling him. Oh well, he deserves to be spoiled. How can I expect to be spoiled if I do not spoil him? It is my choice. You shouldn’t judge either of us for it.