When Someone Leaves Me, A Piece Of Me Goes W/ Them. I Now Have Nothing Left.


This year I was super excited because I finally had a best friend, or so I thought. Just when we started becoming closer, you made best friends with someone else and left me behind. I got depressed, but I didn’t tell anybody. When she started spreading rumors and started texting you bitchy things, you came crying to me, and I let you back into my life. It was good for a while, until she apologized, and you gave in and became friends with her again. Now you never talk to me, and you totally ignore me. People wonder why it takes me so long to be nice to them. It’s because all my life I’ve let people like you into my life and then you leave. Each time you leave, you take a piece of me with you, and I’ve been left so many times that I no longer have anything to give. It’s your fault that I’m broken. I hope you have fun with your popularity.

image: ibm4381