When You Attempt To Steal A Cop’s Gun, You’ll Likely Get Shot. Duh Idiots.

I’m really tired of people placing 100% of the blame on the living for the actions of the dead. The majority of police officers don’t just go around killing innocent people.  Everyone that has been killed in recent news was resisting arrest. The main story was about a man trying to steal a police officer’s gun and kill the police officer. Or shall we just ignore that? F_+k this ignorant race-baiting sh+t. This is what happens when people think with their skin and not their brain. Your skin color doesn’t make your life any more valuable than the next person’s. I’m not denying that there is police corruption, but it is minimal in comparison.  These men have been the cause of the problem. Provoking violence, arguing, and fighting when they should be peaceful and waiting for their damn lawyer. Their actions, illegal, and provoked by themselves alone, are the reason they ended up in their situations. Give them a Darwin award for their stupidity and move on. You should know better than to attack someone with a gun, resist arrest, or do anything stupid when you know you are wanted by police. Common sense is a rarity, and it’s quite obvious.

image- Elvert Barnes