When You Stole My Husband, You WON A Broke, Drug Addicted, Lying Scumbag. Hahaha.

Three years ago my husband started working at the same company as you.  He begins acting differently towards me.  He picks fights and is constantly accusing me of cheating.  Next thing I know, he is telling me that he is leaving me on Mother’s Day.  I don’t find out about you until a few days later after checking our phone records. I have a co-worker have her cousin call your number just to find out who you are.

I look you up on Facebook and discover that you are 12 years OLDER than me.  Your hair looks like you are wearing a dyed blonde hairy football helmet (the 80’s called, they want their hair back), and your skin looks like my son’s football.

He leaves and suddenly I get my life back.  I’m happier, I’m healthier, and my goodness, there’s money in my bank account.

Come to find out, not only is he a lying, cheating scumbag, BUT he also has a coke problem.

Now you’re turning 50.  LMAO!  You f++king hag.

You will never be more than a homewrecking c+nt.  Your husband cheated on you to go with someone younger (Honestly, I can’t blame him after seeing your big headed wrinkly fake tan football face).  Ever since then, you’ve had serious issues with your self-esteem.  You get your self-worth through attention from men.  You are pathetic and you reek of desperation.

Even though you took my husband (thanks for that by the way LOL!), he’s not good enough for you.  He is a pretty face, but that’s about it.  He has a drug problem, money issues, and is a compulsive liar.  You’re always looking for a sugar daddy with fat pockets because you are a shallow piece of sh+t who lives off of her ex husband’s alimony.

Honey – let me tell you, it ain’t gonna happen.  Rich men are looking for hot arm candy, which you, hahaha, are definitely are not.

I love how you post quotes from Joel Osteen. Like you’re such a WONDERFUL Christian.  Sweetie, you are going to twist in flames for all of eternity for your sins.  You will never wash away the stain of your adultery. Go hang out with your buddies that have children from men who are not their husband’s kids (children from affairs). Gross.  I shudder just thinking of your group of wrinkly deplorable whores.

In closing, I have laughed every day since you “won” my ex husband.  I still have his Facebook password, so I can see your little convos.  I die when I see that he texts you to death and stalks your every move like he used to do to me.  I bet once the thrill of going behind my back wore off, and you figured out what kind of psycho you were stuck with, you pitied yourself.

Enjoy it whorebag!  LMAO!!!!!

image- russelljsmith