Who Let America’s Standards Drop This Far? Not Me. And Not My Generation.

The problem started with you.   Your generation made it impossible for mine to do anything.  Congrats.  You could work part-time and go to college full-time and still have change leftover without living at home.  That is a pipe dream to me and my generation.  Hard work supposedly pays off, but I don’t see myself ever finding that magical scenario.  Even working two jobs and going part-time would leave me still living at home with mom or dad.  F++k you.  You voted these people in.  The same people that have turned corporations into individuals and pushed the majority of jobs overseas to be outsourced.  And you wonder why the kids don’t have any enthusiasm for want of a better life.  This isn’t the 50s.  Reality is, you let it happen with your hope and change.  I’m fed up.  Any money I make goes back into the welfare system to buy beer and cigarettes for people who refuse to join the workforce and be functioning members of society.  Who let the standards drop this far?  Not me.  Who let this get this bad?  Not me.  But somehow it’s my problem to sort.  When do you get the short end of the stick?

image- watchsmart