Who Protected You Black Lives Matter People In Dallas Last Night? Oh Ok.

You’re all talking about this police brutality thing. But in reality, you’re all to blame for this. The NYPD risks their lives daily to protect us. But you’re throwing it in their face. Nobody, not any cop, just started shooting blacks out of nowhere. No. You guys gave them a reason to. You guys gave them a reason to fear for their own lives.

Me, a normal American teenager, appreciates what police officers do for us. I show them respect. If I’m pulled over I follow their instructions. If you have a weapon and the cop says “hands up,” you pick your freaking hands up. Respect what they’re doing. Respect their protection.

If you’re gonna throw it in their face, you’re gonna get killed with no protection. You make them feel like they’re risking their lives for nothing. You’re not even appreciative. They’re gonna stop risking their lives for you.

Last night, who protected you all in Dallas? Who made sure things didn’t get out of hand? The very cops that were shot brutally. Is that what you’re trying to do? An eye for an eye? Respect what they’re doing. Show them your appreciation. And they’ll no doubt do the same. Show the cops that they don’t have to fear for their lives when pulling over a black guy. Show them. And we’ll all live a peaceful better life.

image: John Lucia