Why Can’t You Love Me When I’m Sober?



It’s sad that you can’t love me sober.  I see now that it’s me that you are ashamed of.  I waited for you all these years so you could come by and tear me down piece by piece.  The “love” you claim to feel is nothing but a hallow emotion you held on to for so long.  You can’t love me sober.  It hurts me a lot, but there’s nothing I can do but say goodbye.  I can’t make you love me, and you can’t be forced to feel what you don’t feel.  Maybe the next person will make you happy.  Maybe the next person you will love sober.  I for sure know that things won’t change, so I can’t keep holding on.  But why do I keep holding on?  Why do I keep believing your lie?  Why is it so hard to leave?  I waited for years to be right here.  In this point in time where it’s just you and I.  I suffer in silence and let you love me drunk.  I let myself believe I am loved if it’s only just until the alcohol wears off…

image- stopalcoholdeaths