Why Did I Fall In Love With You? One Day You’ll Regret How You Treated Me.


Why did I fall in love with you? Why did I love every single little detail about you? You ruined all of my love songs, and I can’t even listen to one song without thinking of you. Every time I see some/one/thing that reminds me of you, my mind starts looking for you, and my heart starts hurting once more. It breaks me so badly. It burned me and left me bruised, yet you seem fine. I feel like I’m drowning, and you know it, but you don’t help me. It’s like a feeling of dying, but you just don’t die, you don’t. I can’t stand the fact that I don’t have you. I wanted you and only you, and now I’ve made a fool of myself. Today I realized that I wasn’t over you. Not nearly. But I’m on my way to becoming fine without you.

Even though we never dated/were a thing, I still believed you were everything that I needed. I guess I was wrong. I admire you for telling me that you don’t love me back because it taught me a few things that I won’t forget. For now I’m letting myself be sad over you, but over time I will be fine again, and you’ll wish you made some effort with me. I hope you have a happy life with all of your goals achieved with a woman who, I hope, is treated better than you treated me. I hope she loves you back. I really do. I don’t want you to feel how I’m feeling. But oh, your time will come where your heart will be so broken that you cannot even begin to pick up the pieces. I wish you the absolute best in life until we meet again. Maybe later in life you’ll fall in love with me. Goodbye for now.

image- martinak15