Why Do I Love A Person Who Thinks I’m An Embarrassment? I Just Don’t Know What To Do.

I love him, and he says he likes me. He kissed me willingly, and we’re not even dating. One day he’ll be acting like he loves me, the next he’ll be acting like I’m an embarrassment. What do I see in those deep blue eyes? Why do I find comfort in his warm smile? Why do I love a person who thinks I’m an embarrassment? I asked him if we should date. He looked away and started worrying about school. That’s a good sign right? He keeps me friend zoned, yet he still flirts with me and acts as if he’s my boyfriend. I don’t get it. Recently he said he, “Can’t keep doing this,” and that,  “It’s a circle that keeps repeating itself.” I’ve tried to make it more, but he keeps it as a cycle. Then he complains. I just don’t get it. Honestly I’ve tried moving on. My efforts are weak. I just don’t know what to do.

image- Shwirtz