Will I Ever Overcome My Lifelong Battle W/ Depression?

I don’t know who to turn to. Everyone is either too busy or not exactly supportive.  I can’t blame them though, for my depression isn’t their responsibility. My fiancé left the room to work on a project, and here I am, taking a moment to cry. I won’t even bother him again because he’s helped me so much already.  Besides, there’s nothing to even be sad about.

Why do I do this to myself? I need to get over this profound sadness and keep fighting. For the most part I’ve accomplished things I never thought were possible. There’s still some fight left in me, but I’ve been fighting all my life. Will I ever be OK? Will I ever be OK with myself instead of being apologetic about my existence?

I hope that one day I’ll see myself the way he sees me. I hope I can stop questioning why people like me, or how long it’ll be before they realize I’m right about myself. Above all, I’d have to say that my deepest fear is never overcoming my depression. I want so badly to believe that there is hope. But what if I can never truly be happy?

image- Parker Knight