Women Who’ve Had Abortions Are Not “Murderers” You Judgmental Christian F**ks!

K, this will get a lot of negativity. My apologies in advance, but I hate how there are all these people out there that are saying they are “pro-life” when it comes to abortion. Pro-life my @ss. You are pro-birth judgmental @ss Christians, or parents that had a choice. FYI, I’m Christian too.

You couldn’t give a single f**k about what happens to the baby after it’s born. You couldn’t give a f**k that the mother could be living off food stamps, or that she may not be able to support herself and the baby. You just care that the baby is born. If a woman wants an abortion because she knows she can’t care for the child, let her make her decision.

Nobody forced you “pro-lifers” to have a baby because they couldn’t have one, or because they wanted more life on this earth. So stop trying to force it on others. You act like abortion isn’t traumatic for the mother. Like the woman who decides to get one does it as some joke. They don’t do it because they want to kill someone. Stop calling them “murderers.” You act like they are soulless humans, but that shit will haunt them until the day they die. It isn’t your body. It doesn’t affect you in any way.

You call the mother “selfish,” but look at you, making choices for other people. You’re a tyrant. And God, I hope your kids grow up to learn compassion and to have understanding towards other people, because you sure as hell didn’t. Pro-life my @ss. You don’t care about life. You only care about yourself.

image: TipsTimesAdmin