Would Cops Arrest And Kill Blacks If They Weren’t Doing Bad Things? Ugh No.

I can completely see how frustrating it is that there seems to be unnecessary police brutality towards black people. But you also need to look at it this way: Would the police arrest them and even go as far as killing them if they weren’t doing something bad? It tends to be black people who are doing a lot of murders and who are involved in gangs and gang violence. Don’t always assume that the police are just randomly attacking black people because they are black.

Another thing is that many people (white people included) are saying that white people have never suffered. THAT IS NOT TRUE. Sure, we have less history of slavery and prejudice against us, but believe me, we go through the same crap you do every day! If you think that the only reason a black person can’t get a job is because the employer/interviewer is racist or white, YOU ARE WRONG. You have to earn a spot in the workplace, and maybe they just need to work a little harder!

I just think that people take every small act of forcefulness or rejection as racism and injustice, when really; it’s just the way life is. You have to work hard to get places even with the tides going against you.

image: Fibonacci Blue