You Are A Shi**y Mom Who Is Often High, Drunk, Abusive, Or In Jail. Lowlife.

You are a s**t mother. Five days before your daughter’s 16th birthday you got high and drunk. Like always, right? You then started physically abusing the girls. The neighbor kid recorded you doing this and then you started bearing on him too. What the f**k is wrong with you? You refuse to allow their biological father to be in their lives. You trash talk him so badly that his own kids hate him. Why? Because you’re afraid of losing your punching bags? You have those girls so brainwashed that they’re afraid of a better life.

Their father and I both came to your house while you were in jail. We tried to give those girls a better life. They spent three days with us. No fights. No arguments. Nothing! They wanted to come back home with us, until they spent one night with your parents. One night changed three full days of us showing the girls what it’s like to be loved, and how positive life can be. What life is like without abuse. Apparently we scared them because of your brainwashing. The only thing we would get out of having them here, is knowing that they were being properly taken care of, with health insurance, and in a proper bed, instead of sleeping in the garage on an air mattress. No help from the government, nothing like that.

We aren’t greedy f**kers like you. We are parents that want what’s best for our children. No, it won’t be easy. You’d have to be a fool to think otherwise. Life isn’t easy. But it is better than how you have them living. We have a clean house. A stable household. No drugs. No alcohol. No smoking. Nothing like that. You choose booze and drugs over your flesh and blood over and over and over again. You promise the world and give a cookie. We promise what we know we can fulfill. We don’t make empty promises. We don’t cause trouble like you do. We just want what’s best for these kids, and you are not it.

My children will never meet you. You are not someone I want my kids learning from. I’m not claiming to be the best mother in the world, but compared to you I am. So I guess I should thank you for that. You’ve shown me that I’m by far not the worst mother. My kids have everything they need. They have parents who love them that don’t talk s**t about absent parents. They usually have what they want, even if it means that they have to save their money and earn it themselves. My kids are kids. They’re not forced to be adults. They’re not forced to raise one another. My kids don’t have to worry about whether or not there’s going to be a roof over their heads tonight.

Before the hate starts, there is no custody agreement between the biological parents. Child services has been called so many times that they now just turn the other way. Her father is the captain of their local police department, so she gets away with anything and everything. If their father had tried to just take his daughters, he would have been thrown in jail, and I would have been stranded. The system is so corrupt there. It’s ridiculous.

image: Orange Steeler